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Watch video of full performance by The Kondi Band here

On  23rd May 2016 Afri-kokoa  exclusively presented the debut live performance by one of the very best contemporary new african acts, The Kondi Band. You can watch the full performance by the amazing  blind thumb piano player and singer Sorie Kondi from Sierra Leone with Rio-based New York producer Chief Boima.

Watch The Kondi Band full performance here


A-Z of African Dance styles – we want to see you move it move it!

We love this A-Z of African dance produced by the first urban dance centre in Senegal – “The Dance Hall” – in association with Kirs&Bell production. Shows how hugely creative dance is in Africa. You can bet Beyonce & co are being “influenced” by these styles as I write..!
More info: www.thedancehall.sn

Soundtrack is big Nigerian hit Skelewu” instrumental by Davido.